Ring’s new Spotlight Cam Pro mashes its most advanced features into a wireless design

Ring’s got a new top-of-the-line “Pro” security camera that packs all of the company’s advanced features into a more versatile design, complete with wire-free options for the first time. The Spotlight Cam Pro adds radar-powered 3D motion detection, color pre-roll, and Bird’s Eye View in a new design that can be powered by battery, a solar panel, and, of course, the good ol’ plug-in option. You can preorder the new Spotlight Cam Pro today: the battery and plug-in power options are $229.99, and the solar panel-powered model is $249.99.

Like last year’s Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, the new Cam Pro has a radar-powered 3D motion detection feature that can more accurately pinpoint when people actually enter your property and feed you more relevant alerts quicker. Then, it can create a mapped trail called the Bird’s Eye View, showing you where the person or animal moved on your property. You can then review recordings of the event that was mapped in the Ring app (though you will still need a Ring Protect subscription to do that).

This is the first time these more advanced features are on a non-wired camera; the Doorbell Pro 2 and wired Floodlight Cam Pro need to be plugged in or wired into your home’s electrical wiring. The freedom from wires means you can cover more of your property.

Pre-Roll also arrives on the Spotlight Cam Pro, and it’s in color instead of black and white. The feature, previously only on the two Pro cameras and Ring’s Video Doorbell 4, records and presents an extra four seconds of action from before the motion event triggered an alert, displaying it in a picture-in-picture view with the live feed. The idea is to give you more context around any activity on your property. If you pay for Ring Protect, the extra footage is added on to the recorded video.

The Spotlight Cam Pro records in 1080p HD, includes two-way talk, a built-in siren, and — as the name implies — two bright motion-activated spotlights that add color night vision.

Ring is also refreshing the non-pro Spotlight Cam. Available to preorder for $199.99, the Spotlight Cam Plus includes all the same features as the previous model, like the built-in siren, two-way talk, and color night vision, but now in a sleeker design.

Ring has some other new products as well, one of them being a new Panic Button for those with a Ring Alarm system. It’s a second-generation model with a new clear-plastic outer casing that you can preorder for $29.99 — $5 less than the previous model. You can also set the button to specifically call for Medical or Fire assistance, which can be adjusted in the Ring app.

Lastly, Ring is enabling its Virtual Security Guard service to work on Amazon’s Astro robot as a patrol unit. The souped-up Echo Show on wheels, along with ONVIF-compatible cameras, can now be integrated into the Ring app, making site monitoring as easy as the company’s home security products. This feature will also be added to Amazon’s drone Always Home Camera “later.” Ring will begin testing this with various small businesses in the coming months.