Zero gravity soccer game breaks world record at 20,230 feet

Portuguese soccer legend Luis Figo and a team of international players put their skills to the test in zero gravity to break a Guinness World Record for a high altitude game of soccer.

The Guinness World Record attempt, organized by Mastercard, saw Figo and a team of players from around the world boarded a plane specially outfitted with an on-board soccer field and the flight took a parabolic path to simulate zero gravity for the game at 20,230 feet.

The game officially broke the Guinness World Record for highest altitude game of football (soccer) on a parabolic flight.

“Football transcends boundaries and unites people around the world. I have played in stadiums where the electric atmosphere sparks emotions that cuts across cultures and nationalities; this was the exact same experience I had playing this beautiful game at 20,000 feet above ground with a group of fearless football fanatics taking their passion for the sport to unprecedented heights,” Figo said in the news release.